Wednesday, 20 December 2017

6 vag-punching releases of 2017

Afternoon peeps! Mentioned below you'll find 6 vag-punching records of 2017 that caught my utmost attention and induced some of the hardest metal boners this year! Shall we?!

#6 GOD ROOT - Salt And Rot

Dick-tickling and fresh sophomore release by the avantgarde sludgers God Root (or simply GROOT for short).

#5 BongCauldron - Binge

Bongzillaesque southern swagger sludge with elements of bury-your-axe-deeply-into-your-enemy's-crania kind of metal from Leeds, UK mastered by the one and only Mr. James Plotkin. If this doesn't get you hard then you should most probably blame your parents for the terrible upbringing.

#4 SUNROT - Sunnata

Sophisticated and very versatile release. Guitar tones are overdriven to the point of a abruption of electrical signal yet they somehow manage to sound defined, crunchy and succulent. Memorable riffs and thoughtful song-writing proves that SUNROT is not just yet-another-post-wankery band.

#3 M.S.W - HELL

A journey into the very depths of Hell (as depicted by Dante).

#2 Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper

Eighty three and a quarter minute long bass and organ powered funeral doom epic that thrived in adversity. Do not fast-forward anything, do not skip anything!

Rest in power Adrian Guerra.

#1 In the company of serpents - Ain-Soph Aur

Masters of doom, sludge, atmosphere and all things dirty returned with a staggering release this year. I've spun this record far too often and way too loud! This is pants-down the album of the year for me!

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